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Class Descriptions

Beginner- For those new to yoga, or if you’ve been away from yoga and need a refresher.

Moderate- Some experience/knowledge of yoga postures necessary. Class taught at a moderate pace.

Gentle- All levels, easy pace.

All Levels- A comfortable fit for all students. Teacher offers modifications to match your level of experience. Basic knowledge of yoga postures helpful.

Renew- Wind down your day in candlelight; a gentle, slow flowing restorative class with focus on self-care and pampering! No experience necessary. 

Yoga Ball-Strengthen core and improve balance. Promote back and spine health, and beautiful posture. Previous experience with yoga helpful, but beginners are also welcome. B.Y.O.B. encouraged.

Vinyasa- A grounding flow that allows the practitioner to drop into themselves and connect within, postures through breath in a moving mediation. Some experience/knowledge of yoga postures necessary.

CoreYoga- Yoga poses to strengthen core for balance, posture and back health.

Pilates- Strengthen your core! Stretch and lengthen! Improves back health and posture.

PreNatal- Safe for pregnancy. Reduce stress, release tension, relieve discomforts, help prepare body for labor/delivery. (Please clear with your health provider) NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY


Kripalu is a yoga practice with a compassionate approach and emphasis on meditation, physical healing and spiritual wellness  that overflows into daily life. Kripalu also focuses on looking inward and moving at your own pace. All classes will have the Kripalu tradition woven in.